Up Power - Laptop Power Bank

Considering how bad the light situation is getting in the country, plus the long queues at fuel station...

Fuel Queue

And considering how every part of our lives and devices depend on constant electricity, we decided to come up with a power solution that won't just last you for three (3) days, but will also cover all your basic power needs like charging your laptop, phones, powerbanks, cameras, powering your fan etc.

Laptop Power Bank

The Up Power Laptop Power Bank can charge your phones, cameras, laptops, and even power your fans.

With just 6 hours worth of full charge, it's guaranteed to last 3 full days.

The Up Power Laptop Power Bank is:

and simple to set up within a minute ✅️

It is guaranteed to:

Even when you're not in the mood to work, you can use the power to relax and chill

Happy After Charging

According to hundreds of people who've used it, it is:

Thousands of tech bros, programmers, digital marketers and online business owners are using the Up Power Laptop Power Bank 🔋 to supplement their power supply.

And it's available at a 30% discount right now.

Normal price is 200k.

But instead of paying 200k, you get it for N140k if you order within the next 72 hours.

Plus FREE delivery to anywhere in Nigeria.

Plus you also get a FREE laptop bag when you get it right now.

If you're in Lagos, you can pay on delivery too if you like.

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Remember you're getting:

Also payment on delivery if you're in Lagos.